What We Do

Every small business needs a marketing team, but most small businesses haven’t the budget for one. Enter: us – your rentable marketing department, dedicated to becoming your vessel for all things marketing, strategy, advertising, branding, and PR.


Your customers are your lifeline, and our job is to bring them to you. Lead generation is the name of our game, and strategy is how we win.


Whatever your strategy turns out to be, we will implement it through any or all of our capabilities:

Digital Marketing

Website design, web development, analytics tracking, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing.


Brand identity development, re-branding, naming strategy, messaging strategy, logo design, collateral material design, commercial photography and videography, domain name acquisition.


Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, Instagram advertising, YouTube advertising, media buying, graphic design, copywriting, campaign management, tracking and reporting.

Customer Engagement

Email marketing (autoresponder creation, list building, copywriting, automation, funnel development), direct mail, social media management, blogging, loyalty programs, newsletters.

Market Research

Target market development, demographic and geographic research, Google search engine data analysis, keyword research, web analytics, ad campaign testing, case study development.

Public Relations

Press release creation and distribution, customer relationship development, strategic cross-promotion, social media management, media alerts, PR strategy.


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