The Challenge

MDS LTC Training and Consulting is a Minimum Data Set training company that provides educational training courses to nurses who are looking to pursue a career as a MDS Coordinator. MDS LTC Training and Consulting came to us in the beginning stage of their business with a goal to drive more attendees to their classes and become an authority in the MDS industry.

Our Solution

Our first plan of action was optimize their current website in order to target multiple MDS related search terms. After SEO optimizing their site, we created a number of landing pages that would help convert funneled traffic. Our strategy for increasing MDS LTC course attendees included both inbound and outbound marketing–so it made sense for us to create Google and Facebook PPC campaigns in order to generate more website visits.

MDS LTC Training and Consulting is currently in the beginning stages of their account as a Brand New Marketing client but we are very optimistic thus far about their business and objectives. Please check back in the new future to see more progress related to their account.

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