The Challenge

East Texas Towers came to us as a small-town Internet tower installation company in need of a new website. The company was hoping to increase brand awareness online and gain market share in the East Texas region. Their initial goal was to maintain a “mom and pop” brand identity, as most of their existing business came from rural residential customers.

Our Solution

Brand New Marketing saw a much larger potential in East Texas Towers, and persuaded the company to aim higher. After conducting market research, Brand New Marketing decided to split the website into two sections: residential and commercial. The agency implemented a thorough search engine optimization strategy that would target Internet tower installation service keywords throughout the United States.

The results were truly amazing. East Texas Towers became the number one ranked Internet tower installation company on Google in the United States. Their online and phone inquiries increased 10x, leading to rapid company growth.

East Texas Towers is currently in the process of starting a distribution division which will require the development of an e-commerce store. Brand New Marketing will assist East Texas Towers in the design and development of this project, along with rebranding and other marketing initiatives.

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