The Challenge

Cloud Co. Vapor is Canada’s premier supplier of handcrafted e-liquids and vape kits. Although Cloud Co. Vapor has a passionate customer base and highly popular e-liquid line, the company felt that they were not properly utilizing their website and social media channels to their full potential. The company sought the help of a marketing agency in order to analyze their website’s performance and develop an online marketing strategy to further push the Cloud Co. Vapor brand.

Our Solution

Brand New Marketing performed a website audit that revealed poor on-page optimization and dissatisfactory search engine rank position for high-volume keywords. The agency conducted keyword research and developed a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign to boost Cloud Co. Vapor’s Google rankings in both Canada and the United States.

Brand New Marketing also created a social media strategy that involved leveraging social media influencers to increase brand awareness for the vape company. The agency worked with Cloud Co. Vapor to set up partnerships with influencers, conduct product giveaways, and create promotional offers that would be advertised on social media and via email.

Cloud Co. Vapor is currently seeing great results from their marketing campaign including increased website visits, more social media followers, and most importantly, additional revenue.

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