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Client PR: Dallas Photo Booth Rental Company Uses Social Media Technology to Market Corporate Events

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Dallas Photo Booth Rental Company Uses Social Media Technology to Market Corporate Events

Photo Social Dallas is one of our web clients. A Dallas photo booth rental company, Photo Social Dallas, helps businesses capitalize on corporate event advertising through the use of their social media photo booths. Event photos are branded and uploaded in real-time, providing interactive marketing content for companies on the web.

Photo Social Dallas

A Dallas photo booth rental company has integrated new social technology into their photo booths in order to help businesses better market their corporate events. Photo Social Dallas offers companies a new way to advertise their events in real-time through the use of their sleek and slim booths. Unlike old-style photo booths, these new technology driven booths take up little space and can be easily transported. The main attraction of the booths is their ability to upload photos instantly to social media channels using wireless internet.

Businesses are utilizing these social media photo booths in order to gain and interact with followers online by using hashtags which link to the event photos. Steve Keller, owner of Photo Social Dallas, quotes:

“Companies are always looking for a way to market and advertise events that they participate in. Showcasing these events online is great publicity. By using our social media photo booths, businesses not only create a fun attraction at their event but also create a way to connect with their attendees after the event is over.

Our booths upload the photos in real-time and we will literally take hundreds of photos per event. We have the ability to link the sponsoring company’s information on each upload, along with the hashtag, so users can easily navigate to the company’s social profile or website. We can also do custom backdrops that feature sponsor logos which gives the event photos a red carpet style look. It’s a great way to capitalize on advertising during events.”

The company believes that this new photo booth technology is going to become more widely used at events in the near future, due to the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. According to a study published by eMarketer, almost nine out of 10 companies in the United States are using social media for marketing related purposes.

Photo Social Dallas believes their photo booths not only provide companies with a great marketing opportunity, but they also provide guests with a fun and memorable attraction. For more information on social media photo booth rentals you can visit their website at

Customer Service: Why I Only Hire Food Service Industry Employees

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     “If you are not 15 minutes early, you are LATE.”

           – Every chef ever








Most job applicants I meet with have a wealth of experience in agency life. They have sprawling portfolios of creative work, dissertations of copy samples, spreadsheets of campaign statistics, a black-belt in SEO, and a very cool demeanor that makes me want to be their friend. This is all important, yes, but it can also be taught within a few weeks of training. I value a different kind of work experience that can carry over into any job in any industry. It is the work experience that trains a person in true service of a customer by putting agenda aside and being part of a team. It is the most grueling, wild, raw, defeating, and exhilarating professional experience there is. It is food service.

Waiters, line cooks, dish washers, hostesses, GMs: whether they’ve worked in the back of the house or the front, their training prepares them for a lifetime of high productivity, efficient multi-tasking, and most importantly, excellent customer service skills. Being a smaller agency, each member of our team deals directly with a client at some point. Knowing when, how, and what to say to a client as we implement numerous marketing initiatives over months at a time is a skill that makes all the difference in their confidence and the likelihood of their long-term relationship with our agency.

Built on a military brigade system, working in a kitchen teaches a person how to consistently produce high-quality dishes that meet exceptional standards of flavor, presentation, temperature, timing, and food safety regulations while getting psychologically and emotionally beaten until they learn that it’s not about them. The pressure is high, the expectations are even higher, and there is at least one patron per night who is so unappreciative of the blood, sweat, and tears that comprised the service of the first course, comped meals for a week wouldn’t alleviate his dissatisfaction. The pressures of agency life are not much different, and they require team-players who are fearlessly committed to producing timely, exceptional work for discerning and, often times, unreasonable clients. It is easy to let emotions lead you away from remaining professional, and when this happens, you can kiss your client accounts goodbye.

The inability to put aside the personal sting of a client who doesn’t understand or appreciate the hours of work, thought, apprehension, and breakthrough you’ve put into their account will result in them never ever understanding what it takes to produce good work. The ability to receive the client’s anger, hear their concerns beneath it, and respond without lifting the veil to reveal the resentment and scramble in the back of the house is the skill that makes or breaks a client’s confidence in their agency. A client will inevitably order a dish they just don’t like, how the team works to make the dish more palatable is what keeps that client coming back to try other things on the menu.

Food service industry veterans understand customer service and teamwork better than anyone. They own their achievements as well as their mistakes while carrying a second-natured sense of urgency and pride for the work they produce. Most importantly, they can hold their own after being ripped apart by a client who just doesn’t get it, because they have neither the time, nor the interest in hosting a self-pity party. Their only goal is to get that dish right and get it out.

Of course, there are many who have never worked in food service, but who learned the lessons of hard work elsewhere. As employer, when I come across a candidate who carries that same work ethic, thick skin, accountability, and pride that can only be learned from true labor, I make sure they have a spot in my agency. To all those who had summer jobs flipping burgers, waited tables at upscale restaurants, took culinary classes while holding down a catering job, and stood for ten hours at a small podium just to greet and seat patrons: your experience is more valuable than you know, and I salute you.


photo (1)Allison Weiner is the CEO and Founder of Brand New Marketing, LLC, a marketing agency based in Dallas, TX. A graduate of The Hockaday School and a Dallas native, Allison stays plugged-in to the Dallas business scene and is passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs to make their vision a reality. 





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The Importance of Anchor Text in Backlinks

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Written by guest blogger SEO In Phoenix |

An often overlooked aspect of link building is anchor text. Many people do not understand the importance of anchor text and how it relates to search engine rank position. As you are probably aware, backlinks are a huge part of search engine algorithms, and every backlink must contain some sort of anchor text. When implementing a link building campaign, it is vital that external sources use appropriate keywords in order to optimize your links.

Anchor text, for those who are unaware, is the visible hyperlink text displayed in an article. In most articles it is highlighted in blue and underlined so that the user recognizes that there is a link.

Many writers who are unfamiliar with technical SEO will often use the source’s brand name as anchor text. While this obviously highlights the brand or company that provided the content, it does not provide any type of description for what services the company provides. Most companies already rank highly for branded keywords so this type of anchor text is unnecessary. A more desired anchor text would include the company’s target keywords.

Here is an example using a small business loan company named ThinkLinking:

Let’s say you were writing a blog on business financing and wanted to cite information found on ThinkLinking’s website. Most people would hyperlink “ThinkLinking” in the blog post. While it does offer some sort of brand recognition in the article, it does not pass any keyword optimization on to the target website. Instead you could hyperlink anchor text describing what services the company provides (i.e., small business lending). So the writer could hyperlink anchor text in their article like this, “ThinkLinking, a Dallas based company that specializes in small business lending, requires loan applicants to submit several types of financial data in order to qualify for a business loan.”

Find Custom Home Builders Press Release

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According to MarketWatch, confidence in home builders has fallen to a four month low this February. The National Association of Home Builders housing-market index dropped 2 points to 55 from 57 in January. As of right now, the the housing-market index is the lowest it’s been since October–although still above the 50 point mark (that generally signals optimism).

With building numbers dropping, it is crucial for home building companies to properly invest their resources in marketing in order to help strengthen their reputation in preparation for a potential continued decrease in the market. The ability to land contracts during a downturn is what will keep many businesses alive and functioning. With this being said, standing out among competition is often hard to do.

Find Custom Home Builders–a website that helps generate targeted web leads for builders–recommends spending some time analyzing your company website:

“We have analyzed numerous home builder websites and it is scary to see how many of them are totally off target from hitting the market they are looking to reach. We can spot errors with on-page optimization that will hinder you from popping up in the search engines completely. Just the other day we analyzed a home builder website in Grand Rapids that wasn’t set up to target their building areas at all. Problems like this will keep you from getting leads–period.”

Find Custom Home Builders helps building companies generate targeted leads on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. By “optimizing” landing pages that are designed specifically for local cities, the website attracts hundreds of visitors a month that are looking for custom builders.

The site’s founder says his website, which launched earlier this month, is already giving worried home builders an uplifting sign of hope:

“We SEO optimize our landing pages so the home builder doesn’t have to spend a lot of money fixing their site. There’s no down time. Our pages only take a day to create and we’re seeing results that month. Our Custom Home Builders Calgary page has been received roughly 100 visits in the past two weeks–and it just launched. Other notable cities include Custom Home Builder Grand Rapids and Greenville, TX Custom Home Builders.”

Custom Home Builders can inquire about the service by emailing

Shopping Around: 5 Tips on How to Choose Your Marketing Agency

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In this five-part series, we’re clearing up the fog when it comes to finding the right agency for your business. Follow us and check back each day to get the rest of our tips on this topic!

Tip #2: Where do you fall in their range of clientele?

I have turned down business more than a few times because I knew we were not the right fit for those particular clients. Though the reasons for turning away a potential client can be limitless, for us, the ones we turned away simply did not fit into our target market. If we can’t do our job well, we won’t take the job.

Finding a pattern in an agency’s clientele is important to understanding the direction of your own marketing plan. If your industry is specialized (contracting, medical supplies distribution, assisted living property management, etc.), then you may need to look into finding an agency that works within in that specific industry.


Ask yourself:

Is my industry too specialized for a creative agency?

If most of your sales come from the government, bids, or another group impervious to creative marketing campaigns, look for the marketing company that works with businesses just like yours.

Is my business B2C, or B2B?

Both types need marketing, but each needs a very different type of marketing.


Ask them:

What type of business makes up the majority of your clients?

This is a quick way to get the answer you’re looking for: am I their target market?

May I call a few of your clients as references?

I admit, I am annoyed by this request, but I know it is my clients’ absolute right to ask for references. Be warned: you may get frustrated sighs or eye rolls, but get through it and let the agency provide you with their chosen references.


Once you find out whether or not you fit into an agency’s target clientele, you’re that much closer to narrowing your choices. Next week, we’ll cover marketing strategy and how to decide what’s most important to you. For a list of our current clients, click here.


photo (1)Allison Weiner is the CEO and Founder of Brand New Marketing, LLC, the marketing agency for small businesses based in Dallas, TX. A graduate of The Hockaday School and a Dallas native, Allison loves to stay plugged-in with the Dallas business scene and empower female entrepreneurs to make their vision a reality. 




“No business is too small if the vision is clear.”

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